Proof of Concept grant for local leading provider of CCTV

A shining example of our Proof of Concept grant is the work we have undertaken with Ecl-ips, a local leading provider of CCTV, monitoring, power backup and automation systems. The local business received a grant which has allowed them to bring a new product to market. This is a CCTV Asset Management platform which allows clients to log in to a website or portal created by Ecl-ips, called CCTV Logbook.

This CCTV Logbook is both new to the company and new to the market. It will increase revenue substantially and create jobs. Find out more about the company, and their experience of applying for a Proof of Concept grant below.

Tell us a little bit about ecl-ips

Ecl-ips is a relatively small business with 9 employees, we specialise in environmental and security threat management. We provide the capability to monitor your system wherever you are using the latest cloud technology, we also have extensive knowledge and expertise to ensure that your communication rooms, datacentres and premises are monitored and controlled at all levels.

Our customers include many blue-chip organisations, educational and government establishments throughout the UK. We have an eye for detail and take great pride in the quality of our workmanship – providing you with the most appropriate, well designed and installed system is always our highest priority. Needless to say, that recommendation is our biggest selling tool!

When did you first find out about the Proof of Concept grant?

I’m sure I heard about the grant when I attended a networking group called North Worcestershire Business Leaders.

What were your initial thoughts about applying for the Proof of Concept grant?

Well as a business we have applied for grants in the past so I wasn’t worried about the process, I just hoped we would be eligible, and we were!

What were the initial steps you took to apply for the grant, and how did you find this process?

I contacted the County Council directly and got started straightaway, they visited us and talked us through the process which was very easy and painless, as long as you complete your paperwork in the correct manner I see no reason why this process should be hard.

How would you describe your experience with the Proof of Concept team, and the process as a whole?

The Proof of Concept team have been brilliant throughout, we started with Hannah and Anna, who have been very supportive and half way through Simon de Garis replaced Hannah, which was seamless and once again Simon has been very supportive too.  Considering we had the pandemic to deal with in the middle of our project, the team have been more than accommodating with any changes we have had to make due to the circumstances we found ourselves in.

What has the grant meant for your business, and how has it positively impacted the future of the business?

The grant has helped us bring a new product to the market which has enhanced our business, in the future we foresee the need to employ more staff to help manage the new product.

What advice would you give to people thinking about applying for the grant?

I would, and have, advised people to go for grants, as long as they follow the process and talk to their advisors, they will find it easy.  There are a lot of grants out there to help with various elements of business you just got to find the right fit, but you can do that by talking to an advisor.

Find out more about the Proof of Concept grant here: 

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