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Located in Malvern Link, Morgan Motor Company is a British manufacturer of hand-crafted sports cars. The world-famous Morgan vehicles offer a unique blend of charisma, quality materials, craftsmanship and performance. Morgan has been handcrafting coach built traditional British sports cars that are thrilling to drive and unique within the marketplace since 1909.

In March 2019, Investindustrial purchased a majority share of the company, and by doing so invested in the long-term future of the Morgan Motor Company building cars in Britain. The Morgan family retain a shareholding of the company, and work alongside Investindustrial at board level. Morgan built on a successful 12 months of sales, production and development in 2018 building 850 vehicles, of which 70% were exported through over 50 official dealerships in 32 countries.

1. What is the innovation behind Morgan?

As a company, the Morgan Motor Company has continued to innovate during its 111-year history. From the very first Runabout, developed by HFS Morgan in 1909, through to the latest Morgan model, innovation and appropriately incorporated modern technology alongside traditional craftsmanship has been key.

Today, the use of the latest BMW powertrains and an aluminum platform are just two of the innovations behind the Morgan brand and its products.

2. What is the positive impact?

The positive impacts of innovation are endless. Whilst Morgan is a company that has an evident heritage and tradition, it is not a company that stands still. The positive impact of continuing to innovate is that each Morgan produced continues to evolve and remain relevant.

From the incorporation of new usability features through to compliance and homologation advancements, the Morgan model range continues to move forward whilst maintaining a timeless elegance and appeal.

3. What knowledge has been gained from this?

Now in their fourth generation, the Morgan family continue to act as stewards for the brand, upholding the values of the company and ensuring their family legacy lives on with each new Morgan produced.

Every car is entirely unique, built to the highest standards by passionate craftsmen and women, whose skills are handed down through generations and perfected over a lifetime, bringing together heritage, innovation and cutting-edge technology.

4. How can people find out more?

Our intriguing mix of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology can be witnessed on a guided tour of the Morgan factory. Based in Malvern Link, Worcestershire, a Morgan factory tour is an experience like no other.

Guided tours of the Morgan factory last around two hours and run during weekdays, or on selected Saturdays. Morgan welcome around 30,000 visitors per year and pre-booking your tour is advised, particularly during the summer season.

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