Worcester Warriors Q&A

First established in 1871 as Worcester Rugby Football Club, Worcester Warriors are highly regarded as one of the sporting prides of the county. Throughout their historic rise up the rugby ladder, they have built strong connections with supporters both close to home and further afield, whilst creating a safe environment for everyone to enjoy matches.

Despite COVID-19 restrictions, find out how Worcester Warriors are continuing to innovate and engage with the local community.

1. What is innovative about Worcester Warriors?

As a leading, sustainable Premiership Rugby club, being able to adapt and innovate is essential. There are many things that are innovative about Worcester Warriors, including:

Our progressive attitude to staff and our commitment to creating an empowering environment in which our staff can develop their careers with Worcester Warriors.
Our Warriors Foundation, which has pioneered inclusive forms of rugby as well as creating safe environments for vulnerable members of the community, such as the Dementia café.
Our engaging community programme.
Developing and diversifying our facility to become a multifunctional sports hub, with Rugby at its core.
Our unrivalled matchday and fan experience of which we are all very proud.
Our conference and events facility that hosts a wide range of clients and types of events.

2. What does this mean for Worcestershire?

This means that the community has a team and facility they can be proud of and get behind, as well an environment the whole family can come together and experience a fully inclusive matchday. We offer a safe, inclusive environment where vulnerable members of the community can relax and engage in social activities such as our dementia café, as part of the Foundation’s work. As well as this, the inclusive forms of rugby we offer means those that usually would not take part in sport now have an environment where they can be included and thrive.
As a multifunctional sports hub, there is now opportunity for different sporting teams in the community to use our leading stadium facilities which we have seen with the Worcester Raiders Football team. In the local area, we are a reliable, go-to venue for meetings, events and conferences as we provided up to date technology and unique environment.

3. What knowledge has been gained from this?

From this, we now know that we need to be more than just a rugby club and we have a responsibility to give back to the community through our Foundation and Community’s team’s fantastic work. More recently, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we now know that we have to think beyond what we can do just in the stadium, and innovate ways to continue to deliver experiences to fans as well new uses for the stadium during a time when all of our usual business cannot continue.

4. What does the word “innovation” mean to the Worcester Warriors?

It means continually researching and learning from industry experts and always looking into new, more efficient systems and technologies. We are also constantly re-evaluating our marketing plan and pushing boundaries creatively and always working towards becoming a multifunctional sports hub with diverse use for us, and for the community.

5. How can people find out more? (website, social media etc)

Visit our website: or find us on social media:

Facebook – @worcswarriors
Instagram – @worcswarriors
Twitter – @worcswarriors
Youtube – OfficialWarriorsTV

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