Harms Way Q&A

Harms Way Studios is a multi-award-winning production company based in Worcester. Also known as the people behind Worcester Film Festival, Harms Way Studios recently saw the opportunity for creativity during COVID-19, and received submissions with a special lockdown category, as well creating some isolation shorts themselves to raise money for the NHS. Find out more below!

1. What is the innovation behind Harms Way Studios?

We want to grow and cultivate the creative sector in the area, whether that be through creating jobs on our film shoots or our CIC initiative to help marginalised groups start creative careers. We also have The Worcester Film Festival, which will be a city-wide event that will bring filmmakers from all over the UK and abroad into our area and show what we have to offer.

2. What does this mean for Worcestershire?

In the long run, we’d like to see these plans grow retention in our educational institutions and bring more jobs and productions to the area to make Worcestershire a hub for creativity and culture.

3. What is the positive impact?

To add to Worcestershire’s already illustrious historical sector by adding another robust arm of tourism and commerce through more cultural and creative activities.

4. What knowledge has been gained from this?

That there is a massive want and need for these types of activities. The film festival proved that, getting 250 submissions from over 30 countries means that people are interested in what’s happening here.

5. What does the word “innovation” mean to you?

Innovation, to me, means taking steps to try and grow your business, sector or area through ‘outside of the box’ thinking in ways that haven’t been done previously.

6. How can you find out more?

Visit our website: or get in touch on social media at @harmswaystudios

Watch the first episode of The Winn Show, featuring Harms Way Studios here:

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