Co Working In Worcester

Are you considering taking the big step from a home based business to an office? Maybe the alternative offered by co-working would be a better fit?

Welcome to co-working, a new style of work. This is where independent workers share a working environment, but unlike a typical office environment they are not employed by the same organisation. 

As the freelance economy starts to blossom and with some reports suggesting that 40% of the workforce by 2020 will be independent workers, new models of doing business are starting to be undertaken, with these co-working environments being seen as a viable alternative for those who are looking for a more innovative environment from where to operate their business. 

These co-working facilities not only offer the traditional range of office amenities but also have a relatively unique social aspect to them. With a gathering of like-minded workers, a natural the synergy occurs with individuals making mutually beneficial business relationships. If you are a web designer, but need some graphics - chances are there is somebody around that can assist. Need a freelance marketer to help get your product or service to market, there is a high chance that one of your co-working colleagues can help you get hooked up. 

These co working locations have steadily been growing in popularity in the past few years, and as you would expect have proved popular in major cities, such as London, with companies such as Google co-working spaces such as Campus London, located in Shoreditch. But Worcester is not being left behind in this business evolution. A team of individuals are putting together plans for a co-working facility in the heart of the city. Calling themselves ‘The Kiln’ as a respectful nod to Worcester’s heritage, their vision is to have a facility that will foster innovation, creativity, collaboration and business growth for the growing class of creative and tech industries.

Many innovators start small. Their office is the garden shed, progressing to the kitchen table at an appropriate point. As their products and services develop to beyond a hobby status where do they go next? Maybe an expensive garden office, what about a regular office with its rent, utility bills and other associated overheads? There is an alternative to both of these expensive options.

The Kiln team, who are now just over a year into their planning, have found great support from across the business spectrum and are keen to grow their community wider. With regular networking meetings they are finding increased support for their concept. Their vision, alongside the more traditional office fitments, is to have ‘makerspaces’ and flexible meeting and event spaces

The next stage is to move it from a concept to a reality and with that in mind The Kiln are working with a wide range of business support services and individuals in Worcester to find a suitable physical location in order to bring the project to fruition. 

The team at WINN are fully supportive of this new concept and how it will assist in reducing the brain drain of graduates leaving the city once their studies are completed and will be watching their progress with great interest.

We encourage other like-minded individuals to sign up to the Kilns mailing lists, social channels and attend their events, as this new way of doing business in Worcester continues to evolve.

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